Golf Cart Electric Cooling Fan from PSC Inc.

Four to ten times the air output of other golf cart fans!

PSH's NEW Model 1200 heavy duty Metal Cooling Fan is a 12-volt two-speed fan.

The PSH fan will work with any 12, 24, 36, or 48* volt vehicles or golf carts. It draws less than one amp, so it will not appreciably effect your battery's overall balance load.

Several mounting options are available: dash mount and left or right windshield post mounts. Special heavy duty windshield mounting brackets are provided for windshield mounting. All hardware is provided with the fan and mounting bracket.

The fans are all metal construction and contain a unique Swivel-ball base that allows the fan to be positioned in any desired direction.

This fan can simply be directly wired to the golf cart battery. All fans come complete with a cable and battery ring connectors.

Complete easy to follow instructions are included. We also supply a battery hookup wiring diagrams for most models of golf carts, including E-Z-GO, Yamaha, Club Car and Fair Play.

NEW! Steering Post Mount

PSC Golf Cart Fan with steering post mounting option

PSH llc has come up with a new mounting option for their fan and heater which requires no tools as there is only a single wing nut to change. FREE with Heater purchase. Both the fan and heater have detachable plugs. They have a new location now by utilizing a steering post mount. This puts the air flow out of the middle of the cart, which the majority of golf cart owners prefer. The same mount works for both the heater and fan and only take a minute to change from one to the other. Only $20.

Golf Cart Electric Cooling Fan

Golf Cart Electric Cooling Fan Mounting Close-up

MOUNTING OPTIONS -- Shown above is the Left Windshield Mounting Option. Also available in a Right Windshield Mounting Option, a Dash Mounting Option, and a Steering Post Mount (shown at left).

Purchase Options

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