Electric Golf Cart Heaters from PSC Inc. Golf Cart Heaters. Instant Heat. 1000 Watts! With twice the heat of other heaters!

Our heaters have twice the heat of other heaters while providing comfort and security. Avoid the danger of non-EPA approved propane type heaters.

Easy to install -- Comes with your choice of three mounting options. Takes ony 20 minutes to install. No drilling in most cases. Comes complete with detachable H.D. cable and fuse.
Adjusts to any direction -- The fully adjustable mounting bail allows you to control the heat direction.
Compact design -- Metal cabinet measures only 5 inches wide by 3-5/8 inches high and 6 inches deep.
Quality parts -- Constructed with high quality parts. High-tech fan with 100 cubic feet per minute output.
Works on most carts -- 36 Volt, 42 Volt and 48 Volt models are available. May be converted for a nominal charge from one voltage to another.
Two heat ranges -- High 1000 Watts/20 Amp; Low 500 Watts/10 Amps
PLUS -- One year full warranty on all parts.


PSH heaters were specially designed for forklift trucks. Both 36 & 48 volt are available. The heater has a HIGH 1000 watts  and LOW setting 500 watts. The heater is easy to install on crowing (dash), as it only has one screw. The heater will increase the time spent in a cold room. On sale only $298. The PSH heater is rated number one for Quality and Dependability.

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Cooling Fan

Golf Cart Electric Cooling Fan from PSC Inc.Keep cool in those hot summer days with the Model 1200 Cooling Fan. Puts out 4-10 times the air of other golf cart fans. More info

NEW! Steering Post Mount

Free with Heater purchase. New mounting for both the fan and heater fits on the steering post. Air flows from the middle of the cart, which the majority of golf cart owners prefer. Requires no tools to install. Works with both the fan and heater as they both have detachable plugs. More info

BCM Battery Charge Meter

Always know how much juice is left in your battery. Just like the fuel guage in your car. Can be purchased built into the Electric Golf Cart Heater. More info

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As low as $159
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Additional Information

Battery connection chart
Pros and cons of electric heaters
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Printable flyer of Golf Cart Heater and BCM Charge Meter
Printable flyer of Cooling Fan
Printable flyer of all three products
Printable flyer of cup holder adapter