Golf Cart Battery Charge Meter from PSC Inc.

The exclusive PSH Heater with
built-in Battery Charge Meter.
The only heater with a built-in BCM.

If you have ever priced battery charge meters, you will find the average retail price is about $80. Then you have the problem of mounting the meter by cutting a hole in the dash and wiring them. This is no easy task. PSH is only charging $50 over the cost of the
heater and, of course, the mounting and wiring are all done for you. We have also provided a rear panel switch which turns the battery charge meter off when not in use. The peace of mind that comes with the comfort of knowing what amount of charge is left in your golf cart battery is easily worth the price. When you pay thousands of dollars for a golf cart, this feature seems like a real bargain.

The BCM Charge Meter has a ten segment digital meter that indicates the charge you have on the golf cart batteries. This digital meter clearly indicates from fully charged to 80% of discharged. Similar to the fuel guage in an automobile. When the BCM gets down to 20% of full charge, the red indicator will start to blink.

The BCM Charge Meters are available for both 36 or 48 volt heaters. Also provided is a built in On and Off switch for use when the cart is stored for over a month.

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Golf Cart Heaters with Battery Charge Meter built-in from PSC Inc.
Photo showing the BCM installed in the PSH Heater. The BCM indicates the status of the battery charge regardless of whether the heater is on or off.

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