Steering Post Mounting Option

PSH llc. has come up with a new mounting option for their fan and heater which requires no tools as there is only a single wing nut to change. Both the fan and heater have detachable plugs. They have a new location now by utilizing a steering post mount. This puts the air flow out of the middle of the cart, which the majority of golf cart owners prefer. The same mount works for both the heater and fan and only take a minute to change from one to the other.

A word about both of these products. The 36 or 48 volt heater has two ranges and is 1000 watts (3412 BTU’s) which is twice the heat of most other heaters.

The PSH Model 1200 fan is 2 speed, 12 volts. This fan is normally used for large trucks. It puts out 4 to 10 times CFM air flow of the other golf cart fans. For carts that have 8 volt batteries, PSH will provide an inexpensive ($5) 4-volt reducer.

Swivel base allows for optimal positioning.



PSC Fan with Cup Holder Adapter Steering Post mount with Heater

Only $20

or free with purchase of Heater

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